Me in Mid-Ulster

It’s been a busy week!

Posted on: August 18, 2010

We had the children’s birthday party this weekend. I debated renting somewhere out and inviting their friends, but in the end I decided we would just stick with a small (about 20 people) family party on Sunday. There are two days between the children’s birthdays so we have decided to stick with the 15th for birthday parties as it means less hassle. Dead handy.

On Saturday we went to Toymaster and they got to spend the money that their great granny gave them. So we came home with an Upsy Daisy that you had to dress, and a huge Dalek mask, that turns your voice robotic when you put it on. Great fun is being had by all.


I now have a house full of Doctor Who stuff as if I didn’t have enough before!

We’re going to our last wedding of the year (I think!), it should be a really good day, but I’ve been so busy that I have had barely any time to get things ready for it. I have to work today and tomorrow and try and fit preparation around that. Then there’s a BBQ at the weekend too and a football match so we’ll be busy bees for a few days. Sonny Jim starts school in less than a fortnight now and I’ve got serious nerves for him, so being busy really helps distract me. I got to do the good old name-tagging on his uniform this week, I bet I’ll be fed up with that in a few years time.


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