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Friends of ours got married at the weekend, and they had their reception at La Mon hotel. I had never personally been there before but the other half works in the hospitality industry and he said we should definitely stay for the night as it was a lovely place. So we booked in and enjoyed the wedding. While it was quite far away from home, it was great to go somewhere new.

There were three weddings on that day so it was quite busy, but the hotel was great. The wedding dinner was delicious so no complaints at all. All in all, it was a wonderful day. The bride and groom are off to France now.. lucky sods!

We were supposed to go to a BBQ on Saturday night, but let’s just say that the ole heads were a bit fuzzy following the wedding. We ended up watching X-Factor and heading to bed. I thought the girl, Gamu who sang Walking on Sunshine sounded weird, so it’s no surprise to hear that there was an auto-tune feature on the microphone. Now, where could I get myself one of those mics? it would probably make my incessant singing easier on my darling hubby’s ears!


We had the children’s birthday party this weekend. I debated renting somewhere out and inviting their friends, but in the end I decided we would just stick with a small (about 20 people) family party on Sunday. There are two days between the children’s birthdays so we have decided to stick with the 15th for birthday parties as it means less hassle. Dead handy.

On Saturday we went to Toymaster and they got to spend the money that their great granny gave them. So we came home with an Upsy Daisy that you had to dress, and a huge Dalek mask, that turns your voice robotic when you put it on. Great fun is being had by all.


I now have a house full of Doctor Who stuff as if I didn’t have enough before!

We’re going to our last wedding of the year (I think!), it should be a really good day, but I’ve been so busy that I have had barely any time to get things ready for it. I have to work today and tomorrow and try and fit preparation around that. Then there’s a BBQ at the weekend too and a football match so we’ll be busy bees for a few days. Sonny Jim starts school in less than a fortnight now and I’ve got serious nerves for him, so being busy really helps distract me. I got to do the good old name-tagging on his uniform this week, I bet I’ll be fed up with that in a few years time.

We were heading in to the library this morning and were intending to call at Asda for a few things, but the Sweep road was completely closed off. You could see lots of Police presence and there was the sound of sirens in the air too. This was all new to my little boy, but of course, it wasn’t new to me. It’s funny how you’re instantly transported back to childhood and incidences that are long forgotten just by the sound of sirens and the feeling of tension. Who else remembers the countless times we were all shooed out of the Richmond centre on a busy Saturday because of bomb alerts!?

Anyway, I met my friend who had been in the town since 6 this morning and she said she had been a bit worried by the sirens she heard but she had no idea what was happening. We assumed it was a bomb alert and being Northern Irish we both headed about our normal mornings not worrying too much- after all, if it hadn’t exploded and no one was hurt then hopefully things would be ok. Frightening, but O.K.

Then it dawned on me, there is a nursery of small children in the area. Imagine those poor wee critters being ushered out of the road at 7:30 this morning. Or even worse, imagine what could have happened to those innocent children, had the device not been noticed. It makes me absolutely sick when I sit down and realise the magnitude of what could have happened in the town today.

I have barely been able to get to my laptop these past few days. My son really loves Robbie Williams and once I showed him Robbie on You Tube, it’s all he’s been asking for. I suppose there’s definitely worse things a girl could be watching than Robbie in his prime, but I’m getting a bit tired of Angels!

In the papers today it says that Robbie is due to marry tomorrow. Isn’t this great news? hopefully he has finally conquered his demons and found some happiness and stability. Speaking of demons and yucky things, I forgot totally how Robbie strips off his skin and muscles and throws them all around him in the Rock DJ video! I had my wee boy watching it as he loves the song (me too!), and the next thing I heard was hysterical laughter coming from him as Robbie peeled off his layers. Talk about unsuitable viewing for a 4 year old! But it hasn’t phased him… in fact he keeps ding-donging on at me to let him watch it again!

My personal favourite Robbie song is ‘Supreme.’ I forgot exactly how good the video is until I watched it with my kid today. Just love the retro style of the video and I’m a complete saddo, when the orchestra comes on I wave my imaginary baton and conduct it! (Usually while driving)

We went on the Derry sightseeing bus today. Have to say that although I felt like an eejit, it was actually both good craic and educational at the same time. To be honest we were only taking the children on it as they wanted to get on to a bus, but it was definitely worth going on. The little one fell asleep but my 4 year old was fairly interested. Most of it went over his head but he enjoyed the trip.

I did learn some things. I haven’t been in around Nelson Drive and Caw since I did my driving test and it’s changed since then. I’d also never seen what Ebrington barracks looked like- it’s huge! I was never aware that anyone from Derry/Londonderry ever won the Victoria Cross for bravery either.

Derry has changed for the better in the past five years. I rarely go into the town when I come over ‘home’ so I enjoyed my hour of reminiscing.

On my way to Dungannon (3rd time in 2 days) I went the main road between Cookstown and Dungannon. Although you still have to use the literal 90 degree bend at Carland it looks like the new road will soon be open, it’s strange at the moment because you drive on the old road, then suddenly you’re on an expanse of the new road, then back to the old road again.

The Carland bridge always makes me think of this blog post I read recently

If you have 10 minutes to take a look, it’ll make your jaw drop.

I was treated this morning. Hubby stayed late to do the children since it is my birthday and I was served my breakfast in bed. This consisted of a slice of brown bread with a smiley face of dolly-mixtures on it. Any goodness gained from the use of brown bread would have been immediately counteracted by the sweeties, but I didn’t actually get the chance to eat the sweets… they were swiped by the children as soon as I set the plate down.

I think the chilblains might have got a little help in picking my birthday presents. I got some Cath Kidston toiletries (Wouldn’t these look great on my new dressing table?) and a little address book from Emma Bridgewater. I can’t wait to use them and perhaps now I might actually have people’s addresses convenient so that I can send cards to them! I love both Kidston and Bridgewater, and if you aren’t familiar with their thingys then it’s so worth putting them on your wish list. Mine came from Galgorm Interiors (in Galgorm- quelle surprise) I am whafting around in a puff of wild bluebells today from the scented hand cream.

My lovely pressies

My new address book

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