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I have barely been able to get to my laptop these past few days. My son really loves Robbie Williams and once I showed him Robbie on You Tube, it’s all he’s been asking for. I suppose there’s definitely worse things a girl could be watching than Robbie in his prime, but I’m getting a bit tired of Angels!

In the papers today it says that Robbie is due to marry tomorrow. Isn’t this great news? hopefully he has finally conquered his demons and found some happiness and stability. Speaking of demons and yucky things, I forgot totally how Robbie strips off his skin and muscles and throws them all around him in the Rock DJ video! I had my wee boy watching it as he loves the song (me too!), and the next thing I heard was hysterical laughter coming from him as Robbie peeled off his layers. Talk about unsuitable viewing for a 4 year old! But it hasn’t phased him… in fact he keeps ding-donging on at me to let him watch it again!

My personal favourite Robbie song is ‘Supreme.’ I forgot exactly how good the video is until I watched it with my kid today. Just love the retro style of the video and I’m a complete saddo, when the orchestra comes on I wave my imaginary baton and conduct it! (Usually while driving)


We went on the Derry sightseeing bus today. Have to say that although I felt like an eejit, it was actually both good craic and educational at the same time. To be honest we were only taking the children on it as they wanted to get on to a bus, but it was definitely worth going on. The little one fell asleep but my 4 year old was fairly interested. Most of it went over his head but he enjoyed the trip.

I did learn some things. I haven’t been in around Nelson Drive and Caw since I did my driving test and it’s changed since then. I’d also never seen what Ebrington barracks looked like- it’s huge! I was never aware that anyone from Derry/Londonderry ever won the Victoria Cross for bravery either.

Derry has changed for the better in the past five years. I rarely go into the town when I come over ‘home’ so I enjoyed my hour of reminiscing.

I was treated this morning. Hubby stayed late to do the children since it is my birthday and I was served my breakfast in bed. This consisted of a slice of brown bread with a smiley face of dolly-mixtures on it. Any goodness gained from the use of brown bread would have been immediately counteracted by the sweeties, but I didn’t actually get the chance to eat the sweets… they were swiped by the children as soon as I set the plate down.

I think the chilblains might have got a little help in picking my birthday presents. I got some Cath Kidston toiletries (Wouldn’t these look great on my new dressing table?) and a little address book from Emma Bridgewater. I can’t wait to use them and perhaps now I might actually have people’s addresses convenient so that I can send cards to them! I love both Kidston and Bridgewater, and if you aren’t familiar with their thingys then it’s so worth putting them on your wish list. Mine came from Galgorm Interiors (in Galgorm- quelle surprise) I am whafting around in a puff of wild bluebells today from the scented hand cream.

My lovely pressies

My new address book

I keep thinking “Oh I must write about this or that” and I never do, but I thought i’d have a wee quick update today.

Remember the pink pussy cat?
Way back in the late 90’s we’d all head to Cookstown to Clubland (or as they call it here ‘the clubland’ not sure why, Cookstownians seem to stick a ‘the’ on the names of places) Well, anyway, ‘the’ Clubland is reopening on Friday night under the name ‘Heaven’ so here’s hoping it all goes well for it. I always wonder how often I crossed paths with my hubby when we used to go there. Seems so strange that we didn’t ever meet way back then.. given that he was a regular! I wonder if they’ll still have Blast off at the beginning of the night!?

Still, they could have done something with the outside of the building…

Clubland, Cookstown

Hope it all goes well for Clubland. Cookstown is becoming a great place for the young’uns to go now, with Sense seemingly packed regularly (I wouldn’t know. 2 children and 8 weddings this year have left us completely out of babysitters!)

Today I had a mystery shop to do in Dungannon at a Fast Food restaurant. It was my first time in Dungannon in quite a while. I avoid the town, I’ve never warmed to it but I happened to call into the Oaks centre while I was down there today and I saw a gorgeous dressing table for my bedroom in HFS. I shall be taking the other half down there. I want a dressing table for my birthday and I have seen some nice ones recently but this one blew all others out of the running. It was gorgeous!

Arklow was a bit of a strange destination for our summer break, but with something like seven weddings so far this year, there wasn’t a chance to take a fortnight off and head somewhere lovely and sunny. We had a look around at some hotels in and around the Dublin area to grab 4 days in the twelfth week but they all seemed to be booked up. My other half works in a hospitality based job and he had a word with some of the reps and one suggested that we head to Wicklow for a few days. He recommended the “Arklow Bay Hotel” saying it was in a good location and great for children. But to quote “Don’t expect the Ritz, but it’ll be a good trip”

Hubby booked it. I checked it out on and it had very hit or miss reviews. So we didn’t hold our breath. The price for the package was very good, and so we weren’t losing a fortune if it turned out to be pants. But we need not have worried. I think we might have had the best holiday that we’ve ever had. True, it was far from the Ritz, but the staff at the hotel were brilliant. Very friendly and totally family orientated.

They run a kid’s club all day every day and this ends with a kid’s movie in the evenings. Our daughter was too wee for this service, but our son went to see the film every night that we stayed there. This was his first taste of freedom. We’ve never let him go anywhere by himself before so he reveled in getting to meet the other children for the film at the end of the day. He was the youngest there, but that didn’t bother him. On the second night he fell asleep during the film, but when we went to sign him out the girl said she had not rang us as she didn’t want to worry us and he was fine. My worry about kid’s clubs is that anyone could take your child when you’re not there, but each child was signed in by the parent and signed out by them too and they were all kept in the Conference room by the staff, so they were as safe as could be.

On the first night we practically sat outside the conference suite as we were over-protective parents but we eventually relaxed and had a drink in the lobby. Our two year old daughter played with other children in the lobby and everyone was having a great time with a lovely atmosphere. No one batted an eyelid at the noisy, happy children. I’ve never stayed anywhere like it before. Most places have staff who glare at you, dare your two year old laugh.

Not a hotel to go to if you are hoping for a quiet, peaceful break. But if you have children under the age of ten then this might be a place to try. The leisure centre that they have there is very nice too. The children loved the pool. Now I must say at this point that the bedrooms are quite small. But that wasn’t much trouble once we got used to it. Meals in the restaurant were delicious and the breakfast was great too. It was self-service so I would recommend getting there early as it might get a bit cold later in the morning.

So, thumbs up Arklow Bay. It can be very hard to find somewhere that really caters for families. But you certainly managed it for us.

Friday Fun

Posted on: July 9, 2010

It’s Friday.
Last day of swimming class.
First (unofficial) day of the weekend.

Some early morning photo booth fun!

Fun in the Mornings!

The wains think the Photo Booth on the mac is great craic. (Secretly, so do I!)


Posted on: June 20, 2010

We had Saturday free this week. It’s not something that happens very often as one of us would usually have to work or my parents might visit. We lay about in the morning (6am – 9am) ; but chilling out is not something that comes very naturally to any of us. Ants in our pants would be more our style. We packed up the car and headed off for the day. At the bottom of the lane we picked the two cheesiest destinations we could think of and asked the kids

Portrush or Bundoran?

Huh? Was the reply. They weren’t familiar with either destination. So, cue an hour and a half of “Are we there yet?” (Yes, it’s not a cliché, children do actually say this incessantly) and we arrived in Bundoran. It was quite empty and to our dismay it was incredibly clean and tidy. It certainly isn’t the Bundoran your ma and da subjected you to on the way home from your holidays in Galway (actually my mum is too posh for Bundoran)

The children loved the beach. The sand was really warm and the water was clean. I sat in awe that this could possibly be the same grubby place that was engrained in my memories. Lifeguards in their yellow T-Shirts watched the water and had their surfboard ready in case any one was in danger.

Action Shot!

We stayed for a few hours. It was quite warm and I am not overly keen on having them out too long, even though I had them so completely plastered in factor 50 that the little one resembled the stay puft Marshmallow man at one stage. So, next time it’s sunny I think another trip to Fundoran could be on the cards.

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